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How\'d They Build That? Garbage Truck

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What is loud, dirty, smelly and more FUN to watch than anything? A Garbage Truck, of course!

Maybe it\'s all those automated parts that fascinate us...like the giant arms of a side loader, or the huge forked claws of a front loader or even the big crushing tailgate of a rear loader. But did you ever wonder where that refuse collector came from or how it was made? Now you can learn all about Garbage Trucks in a visit to the McNeilus factory in Dodge Center, MN.

Get an up-close look in high definition at the process of building one of the most automated machines on the road. See how a garbage truck is assembled to efficiently pack and transport your garbage. Hop into the driver\'s seat and ride along on trash collection day in all 3 types of trucks. And before your shift is over, visit a facility that turns garbage and waste into power for 50,000 households using garbage collected in your truck.

So collect your things and join us for this entertaining episode of \"How\'d They Build That?\"


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